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Do I acquire property on a freehold or a leasehold basis?
Leasehold is not common in Germany. Freehold acquisition is the usual standard. After the acquisition, both international and German investors are registered as owners in the land register of the city.

Why are prices in Berlin currently so attractive?
Isn't it possible that they will stay low for a long time?
The level of real estate prices is influenced by many factors, such as domestic demand, international demand, rent development, property quotas etc. The reunification of Germany and the resulting transfer of property back into private hands as well as the wide-ranging "boosting of the East" led to an "anomaly" as regards the development of the property market in Berlin during the 1990's. As a result real estate prices, especially in Berlin, remained at a level far lower than the prices in other European capitals.
Today, the prognosis for most of these influencing factors is changing. Foreign and domestic demand is increasing and the economic prospects for Berlin are more than positive. The probability that Berlin will bridge the 300-800% price gap to other European capitals in great leaps is clearly more feasible than a continuing moderate development of property prices in the German capital.

How can grundwerte offer quality real estate including special services at conditions that are below current market prices?
grundwerte specialises exclusively in undervalued properties. The deep knowledge of the market we have accumulated over many years, our perfected development strategies and our extensive contacts with institutional as well as private vendors enable us to obtain extremely attractive purchase prices, which we pass on to our clients.

Do I have to travel to Berlin if I want to buy berlinprivate or berlinselected properties?
No. Being in Berlin is not necessary, as we have set up the legal conditions to enable our clients to sign berlinprivate and berlinselected abroad.

Which taxes do I have to pay on the profits?
grundwerte products are generally structured in such a way that our clients will have to pay no taxes on the yields as far as possible. If you look at the layout of our proposals, this applies both to yields from rental and to profits from the increase in value.
The only incurring tax is the German property transfer tax which is paid once upon acquisition. In some countries (for instance the US and Ireland) this tax is deductible in accordance with bilateral agreements.
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